Men With The Master

Positive, Christ-centred experiences for men.

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‘increasing in wisdom and stature; strong and courageous.’
Luke 2:52; Joshua 1:6

Listen To Talks From Past Events

Men with the Master 2019

Bro. Darren Tappouras (NSW) – That I May Know Him

Men with the Master 2018

Bro. David Hill (SA) – Miracles of the Master

Men with the Master 2017

Bro. Shane Kirkwood (NSW) – The heart & mind of the Master - Christ in the Psalms

Men with the Master 2016

Bro. Greg Palmer (SA) – Emotions of the Master

Men with the Master 2015

Bro. Michael Edgecombe (SA) – Thinking with Jesus

Men with the Master 2014

Bro. Mike Hill (SA) & Bro. David Hill (SA) – Christ in Us

Men with the Master 2013

Bro. Gary Steel (NSW) – Knowing The Only True God

Men with the Master 2012

Bro. Dan Pogson (NSW) – Encountering Jesus Christ

Men with the Master 2011

Bro. David Hill (SA) – Harmony - with God, the Lord Jesus and each other

Early MwM Recordings Wanted

If you have any recordings of the talks from Men With The Master weekends prior to 2011, send us an email via the address on the contact page so we can upload those talks for the men to listen to.

Some Videos Available

Bruce has been recording the sessions with his video camera for a few years, and while not all are available, he is happy to share them with you.

Send us an email and let us know which talks you would like us to confirm there is a video available.